Operation of the Pump located at the Pybus cottage.


You need:



You need to position the pump near the lake.  The intake pipe is connected by hand and then tightened with the large wrench like this:



Similarly outlet hoses are connected to the pump (and to each other if you need longer ones) first by hand and then by the smaller wrench:



The nozzle is just connected by hand:



Starting the motor in 4 easy steps:



Step 1.  Turn the ignition switch to the UP position as shown above.



Step 2:  Turn the fuel valve to the Main setting.     The switch has 3 settings: “Main”, “Off “ and “Sub” (for when you have an extra tank).  As shown above it is set to “sub”.  You move it 180° from the position shown.


Step 3:  If the motor is cold, close the choke.  So change from this:



To this:



Step 4.  The throttle must be on about half way.   The throttle is an up/down lever with a black knob to lock it in place.  In the picture below it is about right for starting:



You are now ready to start.  Pull the cord!  When the engine catches and has run for a bit, turn the choke back to the open position.  You are now ready for fighting the fire.  You will want to adjust the throttle to full power (loosen the black knob, move the lever up and lock it again).


The pump is (in theory) self priming.  If necessary, before starting you can pour water in to help it out.  But in any case you’ll want to be sure the cap is locked on like this: