Hydro One - Forestry Maintenance Program


Dear Customers: Ashby Lake Property Owners.


Approximately half of those annoying and costly interruptions of electrical service are caused by trees and brush interfering with power lines. To minimize these outages and reduce potential safety hazards to the public, Hydro One Forestry Services must control vegetation in the proximity of the hydro lines.


This letter is notification that right-of-way maintenance is scheduled for the section of line in which your property is located. Please contact me if you have more than one property in the District noted on the letterhead and require clarification where the work is to be performed. Tenants are asked to forward this letter to the property owner. This service is restricted to the main hydro line. Home or cottage service lines are considered the customers’ responsibility.


The work will be completed in two stages:


·         First, will be the removal of non-compatible brush (under 4” in diameter) located on the Hydro right-of-way by manual or mechanical means. Compatible species such as sumac, dogwood, lilac, etc. may not be cut.


·         Second, will be the pruning of branches away from power lines and the removal of any dead or hazardous trees.


Cut stumps are treated with Garlon 4 (PCP Registration #21053). This is a Federal and Provincially accepted herbicide used to control the suckering of incompatible brush that could grow from the stumps of cut trees or brush. This same selective application method may be used to control growth of brush up to 1 meter in height.


Work will commence approximately within the next two to six -month period after receipt of this letter. Please mark septic beds, wells, survey stakes, etc. which may hinder work on the hydro right-of-way.


To assist in serving you better, please promptly reply by phone 613-646-2015 or Toll free 888-314-4492 or email  steven.leclerc@hydroone.com acknowledging your concurrence with this work.


If you have any questions regarding the work planned for your area, please call me at 1-888-314-4492.





Steve Leclerc

Forestry Technician

Hydro One Forestry Services