Duties or the water quality committee will include, but not be restricted to responsibility for water sampling and reporting as prescribed by the Ontario Ministries or Health, Environment and Natural Resources. (Secchi Disc readings and corresponding water samples will be taken at least 12 times per season - May to October.) preparing a report or Committee activities for ALPA and keeping abreast or 'current technologies for water quality observation; reporting on acidity tests by DOE or others, or other special tests such as oxygen content, etc.


Additional duties will include, but not be restricted to general liaison with cottagers on water quality problems, mounting one-time or special water sampling programs, providing periodic reports or new pollution free devices, discussing and assisting cottagers with particular disposal problems or systems, and keeping ALPA abreast or Provincial Government or Municipal rules as they affect water quality.


In addition to the specifics outlined in the foregoing, the Water Quality Committee will be expected to report on items which will give cottagers a clear understanding or measures which are desirable to maintain and promote a healthy recreational lake.






The Committee will monitor and respond to issues raised by cottagers in relation to fish, wildlife and forestry.


Component Structure:


The Fish, Wildlife and Forestry Committee embraces specific wildlife or environmental concerns such as Gypsy Moth, Loons, Beaver activity, Rodent damage, Carpenter ant infestations, Zebra and Quagga mussels, etc.


This Committee will also be responsible for liaison between Forest Management offices of MNR and the Association.


Current tasks and responsibilities:


  1. Liaison with the Ministry of Natural Resources and others to:


·       Determine fish stocking plans for Ashby and surrounding lakes and report at general meetings of the association.


·       Obtain MNR policy bulletins and reference material on fish and wildlife for distribution at ALPA gatherings.


·       Report on unusual fish and wildlife activity or other matters having a bearing on these subjects.


  1. Monitoring fishing activity on area lakes and lobbying MNR representatives for appropriate annual stocking programs.


  1. Promoting the conscientious use of the creel census as a means of assisting MNR in fish counts.


  1. Doing whatever possible to discourage over-fishing or exceeding daily limits of trout in both summer and winter.


  1. Keeping abreast of all forest management plans of MNR within the ALPA area of interest, including the role of the forest products producers and report the total effect on cottagers at general meetings of ALPA.






This committee will maintain the Association's five docks in good repair and report any problems associated with ease of access to lakes within ALPA's interest area.




  1. The Chairman of this committee with help as required with periodically inspect ALPA's docks and make any necessary repairs, submitting an invoice for reasonable repairs to the Treasurer.


  1. Access points, such as boat landings, boat ramps and portages used regularly by members are to be inspected periodically for ease of boat launching or travel. Minor repairs or adjustments would be part of this responsibility.


  1. As required the Chairman of this committee with support from the Executive of the Association wi11 conduct liaison with the Ministry of Natural Resources, other Government Agencies or the Township regarding specific items such as Public boat launching, hazardous Crown land access points, derelict boats etc.




This Committee will be responsible for the maintenance of a system for ensuring safe navigation on Ashby Lake by:


  1. Arranging for the positioning or buoys and their maintenance, including removal at Thanksgiving and replacement by May 24 week-end.


2.     Carrying out other maintenance tasks, e.g. removal of “dead-heads”, as may be required for the safe operation or boats on Ashby Lake.


3.     Maintaining spare buoys, and submitting a reasonable invoice to the Treasurer for supplies used in their up-keep.





This Committee will be responsible for the promotion of recommended procedures and/or regulations relating to Water Safety by:


  1. Encouraging all boat operators to practice “Rules of the Road” and have their boats equipped with oars or paddles, bailers, life-jackets and lights as prescribed by the Canadian Coast Guard.


2.     Inviting the Canadian Coast Guard and/or OPP to give lectures on various aspects or water safety, including but not limited to water skiing, boat handling, wind-surfing, snorkeling, etc.


  1. Maintaining liaison with CCG, OPP, and other authorities to ensure copies or instructional bulletins, etc. are available to cottagers at periodic meetings or ALPA.


  1. Carrying out other tasks related to water safety.




This Committee will be responsible for the promotion or procedures for dealing with fire emergencies arising on Ashby Lake by:


  1. Initiating periodic testing or the fire pumps on the lake and ensure through their custodians that they are maintained in a ready state.


2.     Arranging for periodic demonstrations, including the provision or instructions on the operation and maintenance of the pumps.


  1. Reporting to ALPA members any item on fire prevention that comes to hand, including interesting information from the Ontario Fire Marshal's office.






From time to time, the Association will see the need to engage in activities not especially within the terms or reference of the established Committees, and will undertake such things as Fun Day, Membership Drives, Welcome-Mat, Clean-up Day, etc. It will be the responsibility or the Executive to acknowledge this need and assign member(s) to organize such activities.



It will be the prerogative or the Executive to enlist its Director (Member at large) or any other member to oversee Special Activities.